As time passes your Leather Jacket will mature alongside you. To make sure that the quality & character of your Jacket doesn’t diminish over time please follow these instructions carefully. Our guidelines may appear a bit excessive at times however, if followed properly your jacket will withstand the test of time. Every single Hawk & Bull jacket is handcrafted by skilled artisans, it has a part of us in it and over time it will have a part of you too. Your jacket is extremely precious to us & it deserves the same care and affection from you every single day.

Protect from Elements 🌡️

  • Protect your Jacket from elements like water, oil, perfume, direct heat and light, humidity, & extreme temperatures (Hot or Cold). Prolonged exposure to such elements may cause damage.

Protect from Chemicals 🧪

  • Avoid any contact with oil or alcohol-based substances such as cosmetics, perfumes, hand sanitizers, or disinfectants.

Protect from Water ⛈️

  • When in contact with water, wipe immediately with a soft absorbent cloth to avoid saturation and leave to dry in natural conditions.
  • Avoid wearing your Jacket in Heavy rain or snow. If you do get caught in the rain, shake off excess water, clean your jacket delicately with a soft cloth to remove any stains and hang up your garment on a broad-shouldered coat hanger. Remember to keep it away from direct heat or sunlight and let it dry naturally.

Storage 🧥

  • If you don’t intend to use your jacket for a couple of months, don’t make the mistake of folding your jacket and putting it away under the weight of other garments in your closet, as this may leave permanent creases & wrinkles on your Jacket. Always hang your Jacket on a Broad shouldered Coat hanger and store in a cool & dry place.
  • When not in use, always hang your Jacket on a broad-shouldered coat hanger. Thin wooden or metal hangers can stretch the skin and mis-shape the shoulders of your Jacket. Never hang over a hook as this can distort the neckline.
  • We recommend storing your leather jacket in a cotton garment cover in a dry and cool place. Cotton fabric is breathable and so is real leather, thus it will provide your jacket with the perfect breathing space. Please avoid storing your jacket in a plastic cover.

Cleaning & Maintenance 🧹

  • Never wash, bleach, tumble dry or iron your jacket!
  • Always use a dry soft cloth or a leather cleaning brush to gently wipe off dust
  • Use Hawk & Bull Leather Conditioner once in a while to give your jacket a new shine & fresh look.
  • Avoid cleaning your Jacket with any solvents, chemicals or home remedies at all costs. Chemicals substance like oils, make up, perfumes, creams, or sanitizers can compromise the natural look & texture of leather & greatly reduce its life.
  • If dirt has penetrated the protective sealant and stained the leather, we advise taking your Jacket to a Leather specialist dry cleaner.